Wednesday, January 14, 2009

back from my unoffical hiatus

...and alot has changed.

--I have finished my second CD.

--I have created a new website to go along with my new CD. Actually, I have no freaking clue how to make websites, so I did the whole thing in blogger. Don't laugh. Okay, laugh. Each page of the website is technically its own blog. So when I say "I created A new website", what I really mean is "I created 46 new blogs". Seriously. 46. It was a bit time-consuming. Hence the unofficial hiatus from this blog.

--We had our last Sunday at the movie theater. It was sad. A large part of me kind of prefers that theater to our new place. But that part of me is probably dumb.

--Betsy is pregnant again.

--No she isn't.

--And we had a first Sunday in The Square Room at 4MS. It was awesome. That room is so much cooler than we are. I will hopefully post pictures soon.

Anyhoo, I've got lots more to say about each of those subjects. But for now, I simply wanted to reassure you that I am alive and that I have not given up on this here blog.

So, til next time...


The Adkins Family said...

I think the new site looks really great man... who cares how you made it? It looks great, you can listen to complete tracks... it has the lyrics... what else do you need? Great job!

Now the question is, if you can't update 1 blog, how the heck are you going to update 47? Good thing those won't have to change too much.

Not funny about the pregnant thing dude... I almost spit diet mountain dew all over my monitor.

Anonymous said...

Bill!!! That's awesome that you have another cd! Julie & I loved your 1st one! You got me good with being pregnant, I believed you!

Love the new cd.....Josh Carr

ragamuffinminister said...

I checked out your new cd.

No I didn't.

Yes I did.

It was really good, man.

No it wasn't.

Yes it was.

Derek said...

Bill, I actually yelled across the house to lynsey when i read that betsy was pregnant, then i read on...very funny. I am excited that you have a new cd, i really enjoyed the first one and look forward to hearing this one. By the way, i think we are coming down for homecoming. I don't know that we will actually go to homecoming, maybe though, but it will be really good to see you guys.