Wednesday, June 04, 2008

top 10 concerts: 5-1

And on with the list...

Top 10 Concerts I Have Seen in Knoxville, TN

5. Jars of Clay
- Knoxville Civic Auditorium 2002

Though I do appreciate Jars of Clay's music, I would certainly not consider myself their biggest fan. However, this was Betsy and I's first date. She held my arm afterwards on the way back to the car. And I impregnated her ( 6 years later).

4. Old Crow Medicine Show
- Tennessee Theater 2007

I know that many good acts have played in the historic Tennessee Theater through out the years. But I can not believe that it had ever rocked the way it did during the ho-down that was the Old Crow Medicine Show concert. Everyone dancing and hooting & hollering. It was out of control and extremely entertaining.

3. Ollabelle
- The Blue Plate Special 2007

I love me some Ollabelle. And I love me some Blue Plate Special. Actually, I had never heard of Ollabelle before this show. But I am so glad that I went. Seeing them live truly was paradigm-shifting for me musically. This was an easy Top 3 pick.

2. Jamie Cullum
- The Bijou Theater 2006

This is best show I have ever seen...without exception. No one compares to Jamie Cullum when it comes to pure entertainment. Betsy and I had been big fans of his music for awhile, but we had no idea how good he was going to be live. Best show ever. So why is he not #1? Well...

1. Wesley Willis
- The Electric Wizard Arcade 1999

The one, the only...Wesley Willis, ladies and gentlemen. Getting the chance to see him live...and at an arcade, none the one of the high-lights of my life. I sat right next to the "stage" on a Ms. Pac-Man game. Every moment was magical, especially when he stopped in the middle of a song, got up and said, "I gotsta take a piss". There will never be another act like Wesley Willis. May he rest in peace.

So there you have it. I have certainly spent bigger money on bigger shows. But I have never been as entertained or left as thoroughly satisfied as I did when I saw these 10 concerts.


Betsy said...

i still don't know who wesley willis is, but here's to Jars of Clay and March 21st, 2002. I love you!

greg said...

I believe the actual quote was "My d***'s gotsta piss".

The actual highlight of the evening was receiving head-butts from Mr. Willis. For whatever reason, he always greets his fans with a head-butt... he would grab you by your shoulders and look you in the face and say "Say Raaaah!" and then headbutt you as you said it. Then he would go "Say Rooooh" "Now say Raaaah".

We all lined up for headbutts and somebody was able to convince a certain girl you're not supposed to talk about on Bill's blog (her name rhymes with "Pistol") to go get a Wesley Willis headbutt. The second he let go of her she ran to McDonald's across the street where she went in the bathroom and scrubbed her forehead with disinfectant.

That was totally hilarious.

It's also not every day that you're at a concert and hear someone say "Here's a brand new song... it's called Lick a Bulldog's Nasty Butthole."

Without a doubt the strangest concert I ever saw and probably ever will see. Totally bizarre.

jason said...

I was at that Jars of Clay concert. I always knew I felt something special in the air that night, just couldn't figure out what. Until now.

bill said...

thank you, greg, for those memories.

by the way, has anyone clicked on the picture of wesley to see a bigger version? if not, you should do so and read the cover of his song book. it is but a glimpse into his genius.

Tiffany said...

I too was at this show in Knoxville. I wish someone, somewhere had pictures.