Wednesday, May 28, 2008

the joy of knowing thee

(click here to download)

Lord, my one delight
and my greatest joy
is in knowing my Christ
and hearing Thy voice

Precious to my soul
Be my all, be my only
Chains of pride now fall
in the joy of knowing Thee

Oft affections wane
and my spirit strays
Lord, I pray for Your reins
and fall on Your grace

May this wandering heart
Lord, by Your stubborn mercy
N'er again depart
from the joy of knowing Thee

And when darkness falls
Your presence seems far
Still my peace in all
is knowing Who You are

You're a God whose close
even when silent seeming
Be it weak, still my boast
is the joy of knowing Thee

Christ unspeakable
Like nothing compare
Now my spirit soars
in blessed affair

Waves of joy now roll
like a well overflowing
Springing up from my soul
this great joy of knowing Thee

Again, this is a live, one-track recording from this past weekend. I did play with it a little...I adjusted EQ and added reverb...but there is only so much you can do.

Also, this is a fairly new song and Sunday was literally the first attempt at playing it with a band. Musically, there are a few changes I'd make (like slowing the tempo a little, going sans acoustic, etc)...but overall, in the words of my wife, "this recording is good enough to get the idea across". At least, I hope so. Enjoy...


Betsy said...

i love this song, it may be my favorite.

Greg said...

I can't get either of them to play... I hit play on esnips and nothing happens. Any tips?

bill said...

hmm...i don't know. i was able to play it on the only two computers i've got. have you tried playing it both here on the player and from the website?

sorry man. that sucks. anyone else having that problem?

Tim said...

It worked for me. . and I'm with Betsy, this may be one of, if not my favorite.

michaelCODY said...

I tried last week and this link didn't work. Seems all good now.