Tuesday, April 29, 2008

a picture of my future?

As I have mentioned here before, I love my SUV.

Those of you who see me on a regular basis know that 99.9% of the time, you will find it filled with all sorts of musical equipment. I get so tired of loading and unloading, I mostly just leave the non climate-effected equipment in there.


But this past Sunday night, Betsy made a trip to the home of our good friends, Dustin and Anyssa, to pick up some baby stuff they are letting us borrow. I intended on unloading it before going to bed, but did not because it was raining.

It was still raining when I left for work yesterday morning, so I couldn't then either. So...I drove around all day yesterday in an SUV filled, not with musical equipment but with baby stuff. And all day I kept wondering, "Is this the future?" I think maybe it is.

And I'm okay with that.


michaelCODY said...

I think it may be too late by now if you decided you weren't happy with it. Right? Oh! When will you and Betsy be putting vinyl stickers of soccer balls on the windows?

ragamuffinminister said...

just wait...in a couple years, you'll have twice as many chicken mcnugget and fry crumbs buried between the seats.

oh, and cleaning projectile vomit is pretty fun, too.

bill said...

no...crumbs? seriously? can't i just keep it clean? that will actually be a harder adjustment. do i really have to have crumbs? aww man...

i'm not sure i'm okay with that.

Mom said...

I kind of like the "looks" of this picture, Bill. Get used to it, cause it will only get better.

The Adkins Family said...

Get used to it! I have been driving around the past few days with a little boy's bike in my back seat. Not to mention old french fries, fruit snacks, various other crumbs, and a million toys. My clean car days are long gone.

Let us know what else you guys need. We can check our attic for anything we have left over that you guys might want to borrow.

The Anonymous Human said...

Betsy - you look fantastic. It's been a lot of fun watching my wife's belly grow and grow. I'm sure Bill couldn't be more proud to be your husband.

Bill - airtran flies to vegas. BOOK IT NOW!!!!