Tuesday, March 11, 2008

speedo guy

Below is a video clip from a Duke/UNC game a few years back. Notice, in the crowd, there is a man dancing in a Speedo. Today, he is known as Duke's original 'Speedo Guy' (his antics have since been imitated, much to Coach K's chagrin). ESPN did a piece on this particular gentleman this past Saturday night before the most recent match-up between Duke and UNC.

Something you would not know about the 'Speedo Guy' just by watching this clip: he is now a minister in Knoxville, TN. His name is Patrick King and he was a grad student in Duke Divinity School at the time. He now works with All Souls Church here in Knoxville.

Come August, I will be working with the "Speedo Guy", as All Souls and Crossings will be sharing space downtown at 4 Market Square.

I have met Patrick on a few occasions, each time he was fully clothed. So apparently the Speedo is to be used only for passionate moments of joy and jubilation.

...much like King David of old.


Anonymous said...

First, Mr. Fugi. Now Speedo Guy. Your life is hard to believe sometimes.


The Anonymous Human said...

My favorite part of this post is at some point in the recent past you searched youtube with the keywords being "speedo" and "guy".


Betsy said...

hahahaha, that's funny jake.

bill said...

no jake. i searched 'ESPN speedo guy'.

and that is an okay thing for a dude to do. the 'espn' part keeps it totally heterosexual. i checked.