Monday, February 11, 2008

how about another?

Today is February 11th. One year ago today, we launched Crossings.

I don't know what anyone else thinks about that, but I say we keep going and do this thing another year.

Speaking of another year: many of you know this...but in August, Crossings is moving to Market Square in downtown Knoxville. We were approached over a year ago and asked to be a part of the project renovating the property at 4 Market Square.

I won't go into everything that will be going on at "4MS" (that's what all the cool kids are calling it). If you want to read more about the project, below are links to local news pieces covering it.

Metro Pulse - November 2007 (click here)

Knoxville News Sentinel - December 2007 (click here)

I did want to post this, though. It is a computer-animated virtual tour of the finished building. Enjoy.


Kevin said...

What's up with the people doing "YMCA" on the stage in the Square Room?

greg said...

I like that the square room has a circle logo.

I'm really excited for you guys but I'm still grieving the fact that Kenny isn't involved... something down there will never feel right without the New City connection that was supposed to be there.

bill said...

kevin, the people on stage are the architects' rendering of myself and the crossings worship band. we are lifting our hands in praise and adoration of Jesus. i actually had to go in to pose for like 4 hours while they worked that part.

(none of the that is true)

greg, nice call on the circular logo. i never noticed that. and dude...i couldn't agree more about kenny. his presence will be missed. he is the reason we were invited in on this thing and i wish he were still a part of it.

Betsy said...

update already.

The Anonymous Human said...

It smells like "updog" in here...