Thursday, November 08, 2007

greg's list

Last night I attended my good friend's, Greg Adkins, CD release concert for his second studio album, Chase the Western Sky.

You can (and should) purchase the CD here.

Greg is one of my favorite song-writers. He truly is. His songs are deep, poetic and extremely honest. So, to honor him, and the release of his new CD, I have created a top 10 list of my favorite...

Words (or group of words) Greg has Fit into a Song

10. "angioplasty" (from Talkin' Monster Thick Burger Blues)
9. "Angelia Jolie" (from Romantic Comedy) - What is funniest about him fitting this into the song is that it was a serious re-write. The original lyric was "Julia Roberts". But Greg was not satisfied. The lyric had to be just right. Changing it to "Angelina Jolie" apparently did the trick.
8. "pantalones" (from Conner's Spanish Song)
7. "40 YEARS of purpose" (from Talkin' Church of the Future Blues)
6. "some chicken wings" (from Deeper Waters) - Not a lot of chicken wings. Just some.
5. "traffic jam at West Hills" (from Meaningless) - Its just so...Knoxville. You've gotta love local references.
4. "maybe you're queer" (from Forgiveness for Everyone) - I feel it is necessary for me to point out that this is a serious song, and all joking aside, one of my favorites. This line is in no way offensive at all given the context of the song. I promise.
3. "varicose veins" (from Uncle Joe's Bunions) - This line, however, may very well be offensive. Actually, I could've done a top 10 list of my favorite words for this song alone. In fact,
10. "whooping cough"
9. "wicked blister"
8. "I. B. S."
7. "elbow pain"
6. "kidney stone"
5. "canker sore"
4. "dandruff"
3. "halitosis"
2. "athlete's foot"
1. "varicose veins"

2. "Right Said Fred" (from The Song Stuck in Your Head)
1. "Prayer of Jabez tattoo" (from Bumber Sticker) - It was between this and "How can I be more like Kirk Cameron today?", also from Bumper Sticker.

Well, there you have it.

Greg has a song called Under the Sun, in which he sings "Every song has been sung, every word written down". I don't know if that is true or not, but as you can see from the list...Greg is doing his part to make that a reality.

In all seriousness, Greg is an incredibly gifted song-writer. Yes, he has a knack for writing silly songs...but he also has a knack for writing raw and deeply spiritual songs, as well. Songs about God and life and doubt. Songs about the darker side of faith. And he does it with insight, heart and truth.

His songs constantly inspire and challenge me as a song-writer and follower of Jesus. Maybe not the one about angioplasty, but the others ones.

If you haven't really should check out Greg's music. It will be a blessing.


The Anonymous Human said...

I've never heard the song, but the lyrics to "the end of you and me" make me want to have a son right now. (Not a daughter of course, that I would have to drown in the local river or give to the bears for bait)

I know, I know. I'm going to hell. But seriously the lyrics to that song gives me the absolute chills. Good job greg and congrats on the new cd.

bill said...

that song really is tremendous.

by the way jake...i'm at camp with your parents right now. they slept in their van last night and definitely used the phrase, "if the van's a-rockin' don't come a-knockin'!"

oh...your parents.

michaelCODY said...

You got a typo where you're talking about the 'queer' track.

bill said...

got it. thanks michael.