Monday, October 29, 2007

let me make it up to you...

I apologize.

Two weeks with only one post per week...and both being about Uncle Jessie? Not the way I like to do business.

I have been extremely busy...but a very good kind of busy. I gotten to do a number of things that I have never done before. For example:

-Play in the orchestra pit for a theater production. I've been on stage under the lights a number of times, but never in the pit in the dark. I loved it. The show was "Tom Sawyer the Musical", and the music was mostly bluegrass. I played guitar and banjo. It was difficult figuring out on the fly how to read actual sheet music for those instruments...but I was able to pick it up for the most part and faked my way through the rest.

-Preach an expository sermon. If you are unfamiliar with that term, basically it means that you allow a certain biblical text and your study of it to dictate where you go with your sermon. As opposed to first coming up with a topic, then allowing that topic to dictate where you go and what scriptures you use to get there. In my opinion, an expository sermon is much harder and much more rewarding to write. I have a new found respect for those men who are able to teach or preach this way on a weekly basis.

-Edit a timelapse video for Crossings. 5 cameras, 30 hours of raw footage, and a whole lot action...all sped up and edited down into a 4 minute video. Whew.

-One afternoon was spent in the hospital with friends, Tim and Jodi Seevers, as they welcomed their baby girl Maggie into the world.

-I even led worship a capella for a non-instrumental service. That was certainly new and I'll write more about it later.

And that is just to a name a few. excuses. And so, to make it up to you...I will blog every day this week. For 5 straight days, I will post something new. And I promise that none of them will be about Jessie or the Rippers.

So, stay tuned...

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