Monday, July 02, 2007

my wife, the poet

Apparently, my wife is also a poet.

And honestly, I did not know it.

Betsy and I were in Virgina at a wedding last weekend. Our friends Tim and Courtney are now officially married. It was a good weekend spent with many good friends. We went deep sea fishing (I caught 12 fish!), played poker (I won but, of course, gave the money to the groom) and ate...alot.

At the rehearsal dinner the tables were decorated with candy, flowers and colorful debris of all kinds. Part of the decorations were chocolates that had Tim and Courtney's names and wedding date printed on the front. On the back was a poem.

Someone sitting at our table read the poem and said, "This is good. Did Tim or Courtney write this?" We all looked at it and shrugged, not knowing. Betsy however did know. She read it and said, "No. I wrote it." It took her awhile to convince us that she was serious. In part, because it was so good. But mostly because she rarely is serious.

But, low and behold, she had written it on her blog back in November. In case you didn't just follow that link, here it is:

what do you say, we give it a chance?
and watch how this tree grows
through hard dirt we'll push our roots
and reap what this love sows

That's dang good, huh?

Who knew? She never ceases to surprise me. Next I'm going to find out that she is fluent in Swahili...or is a black belt in Jujitsu...or was born a cartoon...or something.


Betsy said...

the only thing i'm fluent in is the language of love, baby.

and song lyrics.

jason said...

Pretty cool.

Just wanted to say that "Salvation" yesterday morning was rockin the hizouse! Quite possibly the only Charlie Hall song that I can actually handle listening to on a regular basis. Way to rock it out.