Monday, July 30, 2007

hi from ky

Well, Betsy and I are gone all week on a Wolf family vacation at Kentucky Lake. Luckily we found a Backyard Burger with free wi-fi (and Diet Mountain Dew on tap) that I am sure I will frequent more than once this week.

The nieces and nephews are bigger; the parents are smaller (thanks to Weight Watchers, I believe); and the cabin is packed full of junk food and games. It should be a great week.

Stay tuned, though. I do have a video of me torturing a Ken doll that I know you are all going to love.


Anonymous said...

Your dream has become a reality with that Diet Mountain Dew on tap.


Taylor said...

Its True. I saw that video and you will love it.

michaelCODY said...

The video was great. Even better music!

Blake Anthony said...

I think diet mountain dew kinda of has a sweat taste. I really meant to type sweat not sweet. Like sweat off your body. I'm dumb