Wednesday, May 30, 2007

to beard or not to beard

It has been a busy week since my last post. Here is a quick overview:

-I went to Georgia for the wedding of my friend and favorite sound guy, Matt. I got to sing and play piano for the ceremony. I, also, got in a game of disc golf at Lenora Park outside of Atlanta.

-I was the featured Artist of the Week on Love89 here in Knoxville. I went into the studio, was interviewed and played a few songs live. That was pretty cool.

-Had, hands down, the most stressful Sunday morning of my life. Service was great, but pre-service was pretty much a train-wreck (Satan certainly knows his way around sound systems doesn't he?). We finished up our study on Paul by looking at the grace of God amidst the storms of life. I think I might have been a bit of an object lesson for the day.

-And...I annihilated my wife and our friend Taylor at Phase 10 (which we all know has everything to do with skill and nothing to do with luck, right?). That made me feel much better after Sunday morning.

Also, last week, I shaved off my beard. I actually can't remember when I started growing it (I think it was the week before Easter) but it was pretty unruly by the time I put the clippers to it. I was in no hurry, so I took my time.

I also took pictures. Here are the highlights...

The "Mac Powell"

The "Late 90's Youth Minister"

The "Sam Elliott"

The "Foxworthy"

The...lets be safe and call it the..."Charlie Chaplin"


The Anonymous Human said...


Just classic.

Now all that's missing is a gun.

Anonymous said...

I kinda like the Sam Elliot. It is mighty fine, mighty fine.


michaelCODY said...

Haha. So weird! Ive always seen you clean looking so lunch at Ginza was funny. Later that following week I spoke with the manager there telling him about the table-tents and how we enjoyed the food. Turns out in the restaurant only one is Japanese and he works in the kitchen. The rest are Indonesian or Mexican. Whaaaaaaaaat??!!

Scott said...

Uncle To...oh wait charlie chaplin.

bill said...

scott...ha ha ha. i almost went there! i really did. but then i thought, "nah, only my family members will get it."

that is hilarious.

Courtney said...

i was wondering if that beard was gonna stick around for the wedding or not. for awhile, i really thought you were gonna be the only one actually doing the mustache thing. but you're a good friend.

oh, also. tim said to check out for the guitar chords. :)