Monday, March 26, 2007

passion, restoration and podcasts

As is obvious by my total lack of posts recently, I have been slightly busy. Life with Crossings has been amazing, and Betsy and I are so happy. But it has also been an extreme change of pace for me. And 5 months in, I am still seeking some sort of rhythm to my week.

So while I may not have time to write something long and thought-provoking...I do have links to places that hopefully are:

Here is a link to a recent Christianity Today article about Louie Giglio and the Passion Conferences. As someone who goes back and forth between appreciative and cynical of Passion's influence on the Church...I found the article incredibly interesting.

Here is a link to The Restoration House's new blog. The Restoration House was started in 2005 by my friends Daniel and Mandy as: "transitional living quarters for single mothers emerging from public housing and/or referral programs" that seeks to "partner with other community organizations to provide counseling, life skills training, parent training, job training, transportation, etc." If you have never followed the link on my sidebar to their website, you really should. Here...I'll make it real easy for you - The Restoration House.

Finally, here is a link to Crossings new podcast. I don't really know how podcasts work. And I don't know if having one is hip or trendy. Actually, the combined knowledge Mark and I possess concerning podcasts is laughable. All we know is that it is a good resource for the people who help out with kids during our worship gathering, or for some other reason don't get to hear Mark's teaching on Sunday morning. If you want, you can check it out, subscribe, whatever.

So there you go, click away...and I wish you all safe surfing.

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The Restoration House said...

Hey man. Thanks for posting a link to the new blog and site.