Tuesday, February 13, 2007

news coverage

Here are the two local news segments covering Crossings first Worship Gathering this past Sunday. While quite different from one another, they both were very good to us and portrayed us in a positive light.

Before watching the video clips, however, I want to give you good reason to keep your eyes peeled and your minds sharp. So here are the Top 5 things to watch for:

5)the "mystery men" huddle

4)Mark Nelson in a collared shirt

3)a beautiful strawberry blonde, wide awake and listening intently

2)a banjo-wielding madman

1)a nifty play on words in the opening of both segments

Channel 8 - WVLT

Channel 10 - WBIR


The Anonymous Human said...

I think my favorite part of the clips are when they interview Gina Everett and the tagline underneath her says, "enjoyed the service".


bill said...

yep. that is how she known around town, now.

Betsy said...