Wednesday, December 13, 2006

new in 2006

This is a list of my favorite discoveries of 2006.

The categories are: Movies, Music, Books, TV and Miscellaneous. Two quick notes before starting, 1)the requirement for my list is that, regardless of how long they have been around and been enjoyed by others, I had to have personally discovered these treasures within the past year and 2)they are in order.

Okay, enough talk. To the list...

1) Stranger Than Fiction
2) Little Miss Sunshine
3) V for Vendetta

It was a tough choice deciding between Little Miss Sunshine and Stranger Than Fiction. Ultimately, for me, it just came down to which one had Queen Latifah and which one didn't. Honorable Mention...Shop Girl. I wasn't a huge fan of the movie, but Jason Schwartzman's character in it, is one of my favorite movie characters of all time.

1) Ollabelle
2) Old Crow Medicine Show
3) Sufjan Stevens

I know, I know. I'm like 3 years late on the Sufjan bandwagon (sorry Dustin, I'm slow, I just can't keep up with good music the way you do). But I have really enjoyed Come on Feel the Illinoise. And I absolutely love his Christmas CDs. Ollabelle, number 1...definately. They have changed the way I approach making music. And I really am not over stating that. Seeing them live was paradigm shifting for me. Honorable Mention...Copeland and Drive by Truckers.

1) Godric - Frederick Buechner
2) My Name is Asher Lev - Chaim Potok
3) Seven Storey Mountain - Thomas Merton

Godric and My Name is Asher Lev were locks for 1 and 2. They were as obvious as Troy Smith and Brady Quinn for the Heisman (...oh wait). Seven Storey Mountain had to be on the list as well. But it was a really hard decision. I've read so many good books this year. But as the dust settled, the truth is: these three men are probably the best writers I have ever come across. So I can rest easy in my decision. Honorable Mention...Simply Christian by N.T. Wright and The Knowledge of the Holy by A.W. Tozer.

1) Arrested Development
2) Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
3) Colbert Report

How did I not get into Arrested Development while it was still on air? I remember hearing a lot about it, but never knowing when it was on. Thank you FX for playing reruns twice a day. The show is unbelievable. Honorable Mention...Saturday Night Live. I feel like I can include it on this list because the cast has changed so much since last year. All the big names left...fortunately all the best talent stayed. And for those of you who may not have discovered this yet, Kristin Wiig is the funniest woman on TV.

1) Blogger
2) Disc Golf
3) TiVo

For the biggest upset in the history off this post, Blogger beat out Disc Golf for number 1. I am obsessed with disc golf, yes. I have played in the rain and in sub-30 degree temperatures. I have practiced putting by the light of my car's headlights after the sun went down. Yes, I am obsessed. BUT...this post you are reading right now would not even exist if it weren't for Blogger. I would have no outlet to vent, dream, question, try to sound smart, make fun of Carman, etc. I would have no way of communicating with well over 20 people everyday if it weren't for blogger. Okay...with a number that low, I could just call. But leave me alone. This is my list and I can choose whatever I want as number 1.

Well, there you have it. How'd I do? Did I miss anything? Any questions or snide remarks?


Dustin said...

I enjoyed your lists, good stuff man. I want to check out Little Miss Sunshine, i heard it was great. Also will have to check out Ollabelle, or Olabell or Olabell or however it's spelled.

I emailed you my phone number, hope it's the right email. call me.

Tim said...

I was expecting to see the pipe on the MISC list, maybe its just not the same as it used to be maybe.

The Anonymous Human said...

First of all, I like that dustin's last two attempts at Ollabelle's name were the same spelling. That just makes me laugh.

Second of all, I'm glad to see Studio 60 on the list. It has really gotten good the last few week's and Sorkin's always a sucker for Christmas Shows (the first four on West Wing all won Emmy's).

And D, I'm curious. When you say those three are 'probably' the best writers, do you mean they were physically the best at putting words into sentences or that the sentences they made made you ponder life's questions more than any other. I know you read alot (nerd) and I'm just trying to grasp the scale here. Where does Lewis and Piper stand on that list?

Finally, that last one was it.

bill said...

dustin, start with 'down by the riverside'. its my favorite ollabelle song.

tim, was between the pipe and tivo. i'm just getting more use out of my tivo right now (which makes me very sad).

jake, you think your funny. that makes me laugh. piper and c.s. lewis will always be up there for me. i don't know. maybe i should make a top 10 list of my favorite authors (or writers...whatever).

greg said...

I'm amazed at how recklessly you guys just throw around that you all like to hit the crack pipe. In the same sentence as talking about how much you admire CS Lewis no doubt. What, are you guys like Da Inklings in Da Hood or something?

Dustin said...

hahahaha, oops. that is funny.

Anyway, just watched Little Miss Sunshine and it was excellent!!! I think that might be my favorite movie of the year. Stranger than Fiction was great too.