Thursday, November 09, 2006

live at new city cafe

It has been entirely too long since I last endulged in a bit of self-promotion here on this site (before you say anything, I am aware that blogs in and of themselves are innately self-promotional, but I'm choosing to ignore that fact...just go with me).

With that said...I am going to attempt to tip-toe near the edge of the cliff, telling you just the facts, without faultering and plunging head first into the sea of self-promotion:

Tonight I am going to be in concert at New City Cafe here in Knoxville.

The concert starts at 8:00pm and costs $5.00 at the door.

Okay, I really don't want to slip any further down this slope, so let me give 5 reasons, that have nothing to do with me, why you should get off your hind-end and come to the show tonight...

1) the one and only Heidi Gilson is opening

2) mandolins, violins, accordians, loop tracks...lots of cool instruments

3) with the extra stuff mentioned in #2, there is the increased odds that something or someone will screw up and that always adds a degree of danger

4) Greg "Mr. the Greatest Musician in the World" Adkins (someone actually referred to him as that one time, and I love reminding him of that) is hosting and will be playing with us on a handful of songs.

5) what else are you going to do, go and watch "Santa Clause 3"?

Actually, I wouldn't blame you for going to watch "Santa Clause 3"...that Tim Allen is one funny dude. But you can always go Saturday night. So come on out, if not for me, for yourself. Because I can promise you this much: this will be the most blessed night of music that this world has ever seen, from a man who is closer to the heart of the Lord than any priest or holy man who has ever lived.

Dang it. I was so close.


chad. said...

Self-promotion is sick. It's a sick thing, Bill...sick, sick, sick.

You make me sick.

greg said...

FREAKING A DUDE! I heard you on the RADIO!