Monday, October 16, 2006


Watch this video.

I know that this is old news. You may have seen it, been appalled by it, and moved on months ago. But I just came across it this past week.

And I find something about it absolutely unbelievable.

Not that there exists a group of inbred nutcases somewhere in Iowa that believe hate, racism, picketing funerals, holding signs that read "God Hates You" could ever be God's will. Or even that these people are ignorant enough to call themselves a "church". Unfortunately, I don't find that to be unbelievable at all.

Or that FOX News would create a timeslot and put a "spokeswoman" from that group of people on air to boost their ratings. They're a TV station...that's what they are supposed to do.

No, what had me shaking my head in amazement the first time I watched this clip is the thought that if this woman truly does claim Jesus Christ as Lord (and I am making no claim one way or the other as to whether or not she does...I am only saying "if") IF this woman claims Christ as Lord, then as appalling as her actions seem, her sins require absolutely not one more ounce of grace than my own.

I am in need of no less of the grace of God than this woman for the sins in my life which I either conveniently overlook or consider to be too small and too insignificant to warrant any real repentance.

The same grace covers us both. That is unbelievable.

As off-base and insane as this woman appears, as brain-washed and hateful she her words are, as much pain and suffering as she causes other human beings, as much pain and suffering as she causes the heart of God, IF she truly does bow in submission to Christ...the dirt that her knees are resting upon is no further away from the foot of the cross than the dirt under my own knees.

I can look down with judgment on her. I can point my finger at her glaringly obvious sins. I can list off for you where and how she and her "church" misquote and misuse verses from the Bible to further their own disgusting mission. I can do all of those things. But the truth is, I share with her the same penalty for my sins. And I fall on the same hope and love and mercy and grace.

I love God. And I want what is best for His mission in this world. Because of that, I pray that these morons figure out by the light of the gospel of the grace of God that what they are attempting to accomplish is the exact opposite of what God desires for His children. I pray that they get a glimpse of God that makes them realize the error of their ways, that what they are doing is wicked and wrong and sinful. I pray that they will one day hold a bonfire outside of their church, invite every family of every soldier whose funeral they picketed and burn everyone of their stupid signs, worshipping over the flames. I pray that they will become more Christ-like, that the grace of God would become real to them and take effect over every part of their lives; the way they live, the way they talk and the way they act.

I pray all of those things for that woman and her "church" in Iowa.

...and I pray all of those same things for myself and for my church and for everyone of us who claims Christ as Lord, Savior and Treasure of our lives.

Glory be to God for His stubborn and amazing grace.


The Anonymous Human said...


Really good post.

The Anonymous Human said...

glory to God and all that....but check this out...

This is the monument that they have, made for america. Sorry, but I had to share.

The Anonymous Human said...

bill, you can delete that comment if you want...I won't be offended.

Whipple said...

Bill, thank you. Thank God for his word to you.

The Anonymous Human said...

you liar