Friday, August 11, 2006

finally, it makes sense...

The upcoming movie Snakes on a Plane obviously provides me with hearty laugh everytime I think of it. However, it also greatly confuses me as to what in the heck Samuel L. Jackson is doing with his career. Deep Blue Sea, SWAT, The Man...and now this.

Come on...this guy used to be cool.

But then I read this Time Magazine article about Samuel L. Jackson being his own biggest fan. In it, I found this insightful blurb:

"I want the movies I'm in to remind me of things I spent Saturday afternoons watching as a kid and then went home and pretended to be in." The Star Wars prequels satisfied his Errol Flynn swordplay fantasies. Shaft let him be the urban John Wayne. Snakes on a Plane, out Aug. 18, fulfills his love of B-movie suspense and his endless desire to watch himself kick a**."

So...while I still think the movie sounds like a horrible idea, I can certaily appreciate a guy who just has an "endless desire to watch himself kick a**". That's just good ole, red-blooded American, right there.


Tim said...

I will have you know that this movie is my worst nightmare. . . snakes and then add in the height factor. . .forget about it.

bill said...

tim, you are apparently exactly the type of person the movie execs were hoping to scare. thats funny. but don't you have even the slightest desire to jump on that plane and watch yourself kick some butt? come on.

in the words of...well, probably some football coach: "courage isn't not being afraid. courage is being afraid but going anyway."

face the fear, tim. face the fear.

Tim said...

haha. . .no desire at all to face the fear. . .im completly ok with being scared of snakes. . thanks for the encouragement. . .i think im moving back into town monday or tuesday so we'll have to get together and probably have to bring the ladies as well. . maybe a starbucks night or something. . .we'll get a hold of you all