Wednesday, August 16, 2006

dane cook on catholicism

Having grown up Catholic, I think this clip is absolutely hilarious.

The part about Communion...oh my goodness. See, some people simply place their hands out in front of the them to take Communion, but others will literally stick out their tongues and let the priest lay it directly in their mouth. Now, I'm sure they have a good reason; maybe they feel unclean and don't want to desecrate the Body of Christ before they consume it. I don't know. But as a kid, I always looked at them and thought, "What? Weird."

Dane Cook is usually vulgar and horribly offensive...but he nailed it here. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I heart Dane Cook.


bill said...

i figured you would like this bit, jeff...being a fellow altar boy and all.

Taylor said...

Hey dude...I love how you've turned Dane Cook into a spiritual guide. By the way...shameless plug...

Ok, so maybe that was my only reason in leaving you a post, but I still love your blog.