Sunday, July 16, 2006

resurrection of an old friend

Blogs are about as few and far between as Starbucks these days. But for those of you looking for a good blog to read, I have some exciting news: is back.

I know that many of you remember that blog well. But for those of you who don't, was started WAY back in 2003 (its hard to believe, but back then blogs were kind of a new thing, and the word "emerging" wasn't just a catchword). The blog was quite popular and for good reason. But about 9 months ago, it began slowly fading and eventually passed quietly away in the night. The plug was never officially pulled...but for all intents and purposes, it was gone. Many people mourned, some denied the obvious, but all longed for the good old days of fake book covers and funny videos.

Well, its a good thing that the plug wasn't pulled, because apparently this was no blog-death, it was only (I apologize in advance) a 'dot.coma'.

On Thursday July 13th, from its slumber and rejoined the world of bloggers; much like Jordan taking his sneakers down off the wall, lacing them up, and stepping back on to the court. We may have to be patient as he stretches out, tries on the #45, and struggles to regain his form. But either way, I'm happy. My friend is back.

note: This post was often tongue-in-cheek and facetiously over-dramatic, but in was one of my favorite sites. It was funny, entertaining, and always thought provoking. Also, it was one of the main inspirations in creating this site. So, really is good to have you back.

note II: Again, I want to apologize for the "dot.coma" joke.

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