Tuesday, June 20, 2006

mentos, diet coke, and lots of time

I mean, seriously...what's the good of being a couple of geniuses if you don't have fun with it, right??

Check these guys out.


Betsy said...

you do realize that there is a "bras will fly" celebrity death match ad for MTV 2 after that little clip, right?

bill said...

no i didn't...i should probably have watched the whole thing though posting it. oops. ah well, nothing wrong with some flying bras, right??

The Anonymous Human said...

I agree...


Seriously, mentos and diet coke eh? Good thing we never tried this one with the kids.

"Here kids, let's see who can eat this whole tube of mentos and drink this two litre of diet coke first! Winner gets a free trip to heaven or hell, depending on your faith!"