Monday, May 15, 2006

the iceman cometh

That's me. The ice man...and the drink man, the pillow man, the blanket man, the "my ankle itches can you scratch it" man. Yep, that has been my existence since my wife's surgery last Wednesday. And I have cometh, and goneth, from the living room to the bedroom to the kitchen to the bedroom to the...back and forth, back and forth, all hours of the day and night.

She was given orders to not get out of bed, except to go to the bathroom, from the moment she got home from the hospital until she went back for her first physical therapy appointment this morning.

That's 5 days! That is a really long time to lay in the exact same position.

So while, yes...its not always fun being "the Iceman Cometh". I absolutely have no room to complain or whine. I would much rather be that, then "the Drugged-out Girl Layeth in the Same Position".

But she is doing well. And her physical therapist was impressed by how far she could already bend her knee only 5 days after surgery, which is a testament to her faithfulness in sticking with her doctor's excercise routine while lying in bed.

And this morning she was given the okay to get up and move around, granted with crutches and not for extended periods of time, but enough to assume her normal daily routine at home.

So now that my duties have lessened a little, I am able to come back to work and assume my regular role as "the Procrastinating Man Typeth".

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