Thursday, May 18, 2006

a follow up to my previous post

Last night as I thought more about it, I feared that I may have been too harsh in my previous post. Not that I said anything I want to now recant, but simply that I kept it all too one-sided and may not have gotten my point across.

Truth is, I like well-done and creative videos. I went to school to learn how to make them. I thoroughly enjoy the luxury of getting to utilize our current technology in putting together worship services each week. And I don't really have that big of a problem with catchy sermon titles, or shocking billboards.

None of it is bad.

My point is simply that all of that stuff is really just marketing, but what we lack is passion and authenticity.

My point is that we work so hard at updating the church, when she is really in need of revival.

My point is that I am tired of the church trying to improve her appearance, all the while it is the existence of nothing but a dwindling ember inside of her that is the cause of her irrelevancy.

The church doesn't need to be re-invented, it needs to be re-ignited.

To steal a metaphor from Jim Cymbala, it is like dressing up your baby daughter in the prettiest little pink dress, thinking to yourself how all of your family and friends are going to absolutely melt when they see how cute she is. You put her little stockings on, tie a bow in her hair; then pick her up in your arms, carry her out the door and go on your way. Meanwhile, the whole time, you never noticed that she wasn't breathing.

That is why I am so annoyed. I love the church, but the truth is she is lifeless. And dressing her up and trying to make her look appealing to a world who has seen it all anyway, is not going to help. We need life. We need passion. We need fire.

God help us. We need You.

(read Christ's admonishments to the churches in Ephesus, Sardis, and Laodicea as recorded by John in Revelation)


The Anonymous Human said...

Interesting points. I think I agree most with you last point. The Church is dead. I used to think it was bad saying that, and it is when read correctly. The 'church' we have created is dead. I think the Church that is the body of Christ is very much alive and well.

The Bible says in first or second Peter (oooh, look at the bible scholar who can't remember anything) that where people are following Christ, they will be persecuted. History has shown this to be true. But in the here and now, there aren't a lot of places that this could be true. China, the middle east, parts of Africa, but that's all I can think of off the top of my head. Maybe we need to look closer at what they are doing to draw that kind of persecution. I don't know what their church looks like, but I bet they aren't afraid of using words like 'Salvation' or 'Redemption'.

Of course, it probably sounds more like, "ching chong chow" in chinease.

The Anonymous Human said...

okay, so it was 2 timothy 3:12...

"In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted,"

Anonymous said...

I love Jim Cymbala! His books and sermons are incredible. What a passion for God! I visited Brooklyn Tabernacle and was blown away by his humility and down-to-earthness.
I also love Keith Greens's music, I am a huge fan. Are you familiar with him?

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