Thursday, April 06, 2006

getting my strep on I got a bit cocky.

As I have mentioned before, during the trip out west every one of the guys got sick...except me. While they were throwing-up all over themselves, I was having a good ole time, just as healthy as can be. And maybe it went to my head a little. Maybe I started to wonder if I was some kind of super-human, immune to any earthly virus or disease. I mean, every single person gets sick except for me...that has to signify my superiority over the average man, doesn't it?

Apparently not. With my immune system weakened from battling the rebel stomache virus all day every day for more than a week, my body was left defenseless and Strep Throat strolled in with little to no resistance.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

And not only did Strep Throat decided to take-over my battle-laden body, but he brought along his lackeys: the Flu and Sinus Infection. And the three of them have been partying it up the last 5 or 6 days.

So, I am not super-human. Okay, I get it. Point made. Now I am ready to be well again.

Funny story:
Tuesday, when my wife got home from work, she took me to the pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions. While she was inside, I was sitting in the front seat of the car reading the inside of a CD sleeve while Harley, our pug, sat on my lap. Harley loves people and was staring out the window hoping to draw the attention of every person who passed by. She apparently caught the eye of one particular gentlemen who was parked in the spot to our immediate right. Thinking that she was a very precious dog (which she is), he proceeded to pucker his lips and make kissy sounds towards her.

That is normal enough.

But the whole episode took an extremely ackward turn when I looked up from the CD sleeve and locked-in eye contact with this gentlemen...mid kissy-face. Now this guy is no longer making a kissy-face towards my dog...he's making it towards me.

And we don't know even eachother.

He's just some random middle-aged guy, with a wife and kids, who had to pick up some AA batteries for the garage door opener on his way home from work (I'm guessing) and is now making a kissy-face towards some sickly-looking guy lying near death in the front seat of his car.


So Strep hasn't been all least it provided me with that funny encounter. Although it hurts to laugh, so even then I couldn't enjoy it fully. But I am ready to be over it and back to normal.

If not least normal.


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