Tuesday, April 25, 2006

a boyhood dream realized...

When I was younger I wanted to be Kirk Cameron. Mostly because I did not yet possess the abililty to differentiate between an actor and his TV alter-ego. And there was just no one cooler on planet earth than Mike Seaver. He always kept the guys laughing, the girls swooning and the principal guessing. He had style; he had guts; he had it all.

And I wanted to be him.

As I got older, and Growing Pains got cancelled, my longing to be Mike Seaver naturally (and thankfully) waned considerably. He is still one of my favorite TV characters of all time, but frankly the guy has just done one too many Left Behind movies for my taste. However, to this day, his remains to be one of a very small number of faces that can stop my remote on a dime.

I mean, he's still Kirk Cameron.

Well, this Friday night I am going to be helping lead worship for a "The Way of the Master" conference held here in Knoxville. And who do you think is going to be speaking? Hmm...well, I'll give you a hint: his smiling face and curly hair are somewhere on this page (maybe in the upper right-hand corner of this post...maybe) .

Yep. Chances are real good that this Friday night I will be getting to meet Kirk Cameron somewhere back-stage. Unfortunately, I have to leave as soon as it is over and head to Indiana. But I am hoping to get an opportunity to chat with him a little.

And see if we can't get that Boner Stabone saved yet.


Anonymous said...

Sweet. What were your thoughts when Leo joined the show?


bill said...

it was a desperate attempt to keep the teen girl market as mike got older.

honesty though, i have no doubt in my mind that what leo weaned in those early years from the likes of kirk and alan thicke and...well, the dude that played boner, made him the well-rounded actor he is today.

leo needed growing pains. and so did brad pitt...and matthew perry...and the kid that played stinky sullivan.

Anonymous said...

Who was bigger, Kirk or Michael and what was your favorite episode of Family Ties? I liked the episodes in which Tom Hanks had a cameo.

Family Ties represented the golden age of television. Family Ties was viewed in 33% of American households at its height. Big hits such as Seinfield and ER only reached about 20% of American households at their peaks. Just a little trivia for you.


Scott said...


The best one was when tom hanks played the alcoholic uncle and he took a swing at Micheal J. Fox. Remember he was trying to get the alcohol out of the marchino cherries in the cupboard and Alex caught him, that was awesome.


The Anonymous Human said...
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The Anonymous Human said...

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Dustin said...

wow, that's freakin awesome! Congrats man! Could you imagine a character on tv named Boner in our era? That just wouldn't happen.