Monday, March 20, 2006

a note from snowy colorado

As I am typing right now, snow is falling and adding to the 4-5 inches that already covers the ground. Denver,'ve gotta love it.

Well, after a 21 hour drive that started at 9:30 PM on Friday...we arrived safely Saturday afternoon. We took showers and brushed our teeth (both very necessary activities at the time, trust me), then jumped on the Light-Rail and headed down-town for the night. We ate at 'Toyko Joes' (one of my favorite restaurants), and hit Starbucks and Virgin Records. We then returned home and passed out.

You know you sleep hard when you wake up in the exact same position in which you fell asleep.

Yesterday morning we got up and went to church at Mountainview Community Christian Church. I did an internship there two-years ago and it was a blast seeing so many old friends. It is such a blessing to see that church doing well.

We then grabbed lunch and headed back to the church to set up for our worship service that night. About 100 high school students packed in and we started the night. Everything went really, really well.

The only weird part of the night was that one of the youth sponsors gave a short devo when we were done and talked about the passage in Matthew 9, where Jesus heals the woman who had been bleeding for 12 years. I've heard devos and sermons on this passage before...but I've never heard the speaker go into such a in-depth description of the type of bleeding the woman was subject to. It was like sex-ed class. And even then they separate the girls from the boys when discussing..."that". Whew. I have always thought that a quick, vague explanation is sufficient and appropriate. Apparently, Dan thought otherwise.

It was an awkward and uncomfortable moment had by all.

Well, today we are going to challenge the snow and venture out to 'Red Robin' for lunch. I'm not coming to Denver and missing the opportunity to eat there. We'll then head to church and get ready to do it all over again tonight.

I hope tonight Dan speaks from Psalm 139:13 and teaches us where babies come from.


Betsy said...

you are funny.

Scott said...

love the red robin...pick me up some strawberry lemonade

Jake said...

or Ezekiel 23:20...that would be a good verse to teach on too. Maybe a good anatomy lesson????????

bill said...

ha ha. i agree. ezekiel 23:20 is not preached on enough in youth ministries.