Tuesday, December 27, 2005

my mom, tivo, and the bandwagon

hello. my guess is only a few people will read this blog once...only a couple will read it regularly...and probably only my mom will read it on a daily basis. but i'll try and post often. and i'll try to keep it interesting. one thing i would love to do is to post some mp3s of songs that i have written and tell you the stories behind them. i don't know if that is possible, but it'd be cool. honestly, i feel like a poser having a blog because i know nothing about computers, i'm not at all technologically advanced and i'm incredibly behind most fads. facts: i got my first cell phone in 2004, my first pc in 2005, i've never owned anything mac, i've only actually seen 3 ipods in real life and i still don't really understand what tivo is. but i recently got a myspace page and i enjoy that. maybe i'm the guy that finally jumps on the bandwagon and makes everyone realize that the fad is no longer cool. i don't know. if i am...sorry about myspace and now, blogs. but hey...at least you've still got ipods and tivo.


Jake Keck said...

What a loser!! You don't even know what tivo is? Gosh, how can you even live? How can you even want to go on? How can you continue to take in breath after breath? Just kidding. Good luck with the blog. I won't read it, but good luck anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hi dork. how are you?

bill said...

thank you for your love and support. geez. i'm telling you...if my mom didn't support me and my blog, i'd quit. and anon...i'm good.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill!
It's your Mom....just letting you know that I will be checking in on you daily!!!
Love you!